Autobil - usługi blacharskie i lakiernicze

About us

AUTO BiL Company was founded in 1989 (since 1997 the current name and address) and from the beginning we specialize in panel-beating and painting services. Over time we the extended the range of services to industrial painting and renovation of antique cars. The name AUTO BiL was established as an abbreviation of "auto bodywork and painting" (in polish) and is well known and associated on the market.

Our team consists of people with passion, loving their work, full of commitment, and above all, experienced and appropriate qualified (each employee holds a master in his profession).

The offered services are made using professional equipment and high-quality materials in appropriately equipped rooms with a large work surface.

Convenient location, a highly qualified staff, specialized equipment, a combination of experience with enthusiasm and pleasant customer service ensure our clients' satisfaction.

We encourage you to use our services.


Years of experience and presence in the market resulted in local, regional or international co-operation with many companies. Many completed projects is the strength and confidence of our company and ensures the highest quality of our services.

Our completed projects demonstrate our capabilities and reliability in establishing long-term and trust-based cooperation.

We have participated (and still) in the following projects:

  • Paczkomat (packet machines) of Integer SA
  • Industrial Park in Nowa Ruda
  • CTS Nowa Ruda
  • DHL Vehicles
  • Information kiosks of ZPAS S.A.
  • Specialized cabinets ZPAS S.A.
  • Renovation of antique cars - Germany 

We encourage you to establish a long-term cooperation.

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