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Panel-beating and painting


Panel-beating is one of the main branches of our company.

Panel-beating services are performed by employees with the title of master panel beater and many years of experience in a dedicated hall and using the latest, specialized equipment, such as:

  • pulling system with the measurement system,
  • spotter
  • TIG, MIG / MAG welding machines
  • Hofmann's lifts,
  • grinders, cutters, benders, sets of keys, etc.

We offer such panel-beating services as:

  • assembly and dismantling of vehicles elements,
  • repair of vehicle body,
  • repair of damaged body and chassis parts,
  • replacement of parts,
  • repair of parts,
  • making another metal components,
  • aluminum, sheet metal, steel, etc. welding,
  • design and construction of door frames, gates, etc.

Prices are given individually and after examination, and the turnaround execution time is between two days and depends on the extent of damage and customer requirements.

Qualified staff and professional equipment ensure the quality of the service.

We also encourage you to use our paint services.


Painting services are performed by personnel with many years of experience and a title of master sprayer. They perform their work using the highest quality spray guns, oscillating machines, grinders, heaters and other modern gadgets needed in a bodyshop. We work in a suitably adapted preparation halls and painting is done only in dust-free paint chamber. We use the latest and highest quality paint materials of R-M and Glasurit.

Through the use of appropriate filters in the preparation halls and paint chamber and use of solvents and varnishes distiller AUTO BiL company also cares about the environment.

We offer such painting services as:

  • preparation of items to paint,
  • painting vehicle components
  • painting the entire car, van and truck and motorcycle
  • anti-corrosion maintenance and protection,
  • renewal of paint coating by polishing or applying special wax.

Execution time is between two days and as the price (determined individually and after examination) is dependent on the service provided.

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