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Renovation of antique cars

Renovation of historic cars is a branch of our company dealing with complex body repair of antique vehicles, the "classics", etc.

After dismantling the all vehicle accessories, this process starts mostly from removal of old coatings. This allows for an accurate assessment of the vehicle bodywork and the disclosure of a number of defects that were previously invisible.

Then the sanding is carried out, which effectively eliminates corrosion and allows for a final assessment of the beading works scope. If necessary, the individual elements of chassis and body of vehicle are exchanged, and the unavailable details are made new from sheet of various thickness.

After bodywork repair, vehicle goes for painting where it is entirely covered with a specialized anti-corrosion epoxy primer. Then there is a multi-stage vehicle painting, using high-quality materials dedicated to the restoration of antique cars.

In the end, it allows to obtain a beautiful paint coating and to bring back the magnificent car "to life".

Of course all the work we do in specially prepared rooms, painting is carried out in dust-free paint chamber.

Time and price are dependent on the stage of the project and the client's expectations.

We gave already realized many antique cars renovation projects including:

  • Jaguar E-Type (6 szt.),
  • Ford Mustang (2 szt.),
  • Mercedes SL R107 (2 szt.),
  • Jaguar XJS,
  • Afla Romeo GT 1300 Junior,
  • Alfa Romeo Giulia (2 szt.),
  • Alfa Romeo Giulietta,
  • Chevrolet Corvette C3,
  • Cadillac Eldorado,
  • Ford Model A,
  • Mercedes W109 280 SE,
  • Mercedes W123 (2 szt.)
  • i wiele innych.

We approach every project individually and with great commitment.

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