Autobil - usługi blacharskie i lakiernicze


Sandblasting in our company is carried out with the high quality abrasives and cleaners in a specially prepared chamber. It involves cleaning any surface with an abrasive that allows to very carefully (also in the corners and curvatures) remove the old coatings, rust or dirt from the surface. In contrast to the grinding, sanding allows for a more even surface, its roughness and confidence that the old coatings are removed.

We offer such sandblasting services as:

  • sandblasting the whole vehicle;
  • sandblasting parts of vehicles and motorcycles (e.g. fender, motorcycle frame);
  • sandblasting steel constructions and elements.

Execution time is 3 days, and the prices are negotiated individually and after examination depending on the elements and old coatings to be cleaned.

We also encourage you to use our painting services for anti-corrosion protection and improve the aesthetics of the purified components.

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